Dmitry Borisov and ‘March 26’ Case

Born in 1985

Dmitry Borisov was born in Saratov, was educated in Moscow at Finance Academy under the Government of the Russian Federation, and graduated in 2008. Since 2012 Borisov participated in protests in support of political prisoners and in other opposition events.

On March 26, 2017 Dmitry took part in a major protest event in Moscow downtown. On that day at least 15 thousand people in Moscow and at least 36 thousand people in Russia expressed their protest against the corruption in Russian Federation government and against the Russian authority’s politics in general. The protest was initiated by Alexei Navalny. On that day in Moscow more than 1000 people were detained; seven of them were charged with ‘use of violence without endangering life or health against a representative of authority’ (RF Criminal Code Article 318 part 1), with 5 years maximum prison term. Six of them were acknowledged as political prisoners.

On June 8, 2017 Dmitry Borisov was detained. According to the investigators, during detention on 26 March rally, when five policemen carried Dmitry to the police van, he unleashed his left leg twice and kicked head of one of them. However, there is a video of Borisov detention, where one can see that he is down and police beats him before carrying to the police van. According to the human rights defenders, even if Dmitry hit any policeman during his violent illegal detention, it is impossible to consider this an act of violence.

Despite human rights defenders bails and medical alerts, Borisov was kept under detention waiting for the trial.

At this time, five persons are already convicted in the ‘March 26’ case. Four of them formally admitted their guilt and agreed to special litigation procedure — without court investigation of evidence, which means lowering maximum possible punishment. These are Yuri Kulii (the sentence is 8 months in colony settlement), Aleksandr Shpakov (year and a half in regular prison), Alexei Politikov (2 years in regular prison), and Andrei Kosykh, charged to 3 years and 8 months in regular prison: he is the only one who is charged not only with Article 318 part 1, but also with part 2: ‘use violence with endangering life or health against a representative of authority’. Stanislav Zimovets, which rejected special litigation procedure, got two and a half years in regular prison term.

Dmitry Borisov, his preliminary issues are under hearing, and Dmitry Krepkin, still under investigation, did not admit their guilt.  

It should be emphasized that many arrested activists were at the opposition rally for the first time, were beaten while detained, and it took time for human rights activists to discover their arrest; so, investigators had possibilities to put pressure upon them.  

Memorial Human Rights Center considers that Dmitry Borisov, as well as five other case defendants, acknowledged as political prisoners, are convicted solely for the non-violent expression of freedom of peaceful assembly, without components of crime, with violation of the right to a fair trial, and with safe keeping disproportional to conduct alleged.

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